♡about candy critters♡

  • feeding some piggies

    hi!! (ㅅ´ ˘ `)

    i'm vel, nice to meet u!

    in 2021 i met the love of my life, paige, through art. we would have these cute weekly art dates at my place, until one day when i finally got the courage to kiss her face. rumor has it, she moved in that very day.

    we've toured the east coast and beyond under the name, "candy coven" & now "candy critters"
    it only makes sense at this point to combine our online shops!

    we're so lucky to have the support to help us achieve our dreams! thank you. ♡☆

  • artist paige bowen looking cute

    🍭 on tour 🍬

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  • vending @ a con

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